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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum uses fun and hands-on learning activities in a safe and loving environment where we encourage all of our children to grow and learn at their level of development.  We foster activities that have an emphasis on STEAM, where we are teaching the children important skills such as collaboration, cooperation, and problem-solving during our day as we utilize centers in the classroom.  Each day we incorporate opportunities for growth in the children by using different resources and tools in these areas:
Language development, Literacy, Math, Science, Social studies, Art, Social development, Physical development, Culture development, and Spiritual Development.
Our curriculum’s purpose is to foster a love for learning with a biblical worldview that is age-appropriate.  We want our program to be fun and engaging so children learn about God’s love for them.


STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) is woven into the Mother Goose Time curriculum. A variety of tools and experiences are offered to support a robust, discovery-based learning.

Every lesson features a new STEAM Station, that children are encouraged to explore throughout the week. Science is everywhere in the world around us, and high-quality STEAM experiences encourage both critical and creative thinking to solve problems and make sustainable life choices.

Creative Expression

We encourage creative expression in our students by providing activities such as painting, coloring, writing, making music, and making crafts. Creative expression helps children articulate their feelings and thoughts. They think critically about their world and practice visual communication. Children learn colors, shapes, and sounds during creative play.


Math Concepts

Our program uses the curriculum to teach the basics in counting, number recognition, and number concepts. We strive to enhance your child’s knowledge of shapes, pairs, opposites, numbers 1–15, sequence of events, senses, seasons, weather, animals, countries, transportation, dot-to-dot, coloring, thinking and reasoning skills, listening skills, and more! 


Letters & Phonics

We bring letters to life as children see, touch, hear, and play with different featured letter items every month. We practice sight words and word puzzles, so by the end of the year, preschoolers will have a deep understanding of the alphabet with an introduction to the Dolch pre-primary sight words.

Reading & Comprehension

Our monthly themes feature a new book that comes with a Storytelling Scheme and Character Pieces, along with an I Can Read book for each child to encourage emergent reading skills. Concepts of print are important because it teaches children how reading “works”. It can be viewed as the foundation to reading and writing. Concepts of print teach children at an early age how to orient themselves in terms of reading.


Emergent Writing

Scribbling, drawing and making continuous marks are the early stages writing. Your child will have many opportunities to develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor control with their Journal and Postcard activities, plus other projects and games focused on building emergent writing skills.

Our Programs

Young Preschool
(Ages 2)

Ratio 1:6 (one teacher for every 6 children).
In our Two-Year-Old Program, they focus on learning how to live in a community by taking turns and following a routine that includes hands-on emphasis on language development. The environment emphasizes outdoor activities, as well as the beginning of ABCs, numbers, and shape recognition in a fun and active space. Language skills and verbal expression are emphasized through learning centers, interactive play, and socialization with peers. The classroom is set up to accommodate our two-year-olds as we focus more on language development, attention span, and independent routines.
Potty training is applicable to any of our programs at an additional cost monthly so that students are able to learn at their own pace. As they see their peers master this skill, they are inspired to do it themselves.

(3 years)

Ratio 1:10 (1 teacher for every 10 children).
Children in our Three-Year-Old Program are making choices in various classroom-learning centers that challenge them to explore on their own or with peers.  Number and letter recognition, art and music experiences, science experiments, small and large muscle development, along with a strong emphasis on social skills are found daily in this classroom.  Children will begin to print, recognize the alphabet and learn simple and basic math concepts.  In addition, the children will begin to memorize scripture verses and simple poems.  These children are learning more responsibilities and have more structure in their hands-on learning environment.  Fun, freedom to explore, and the ability to achieve are indicators that these children will be ready for the next steps in our next programs, the 4’s and 5’s classroom.

(4-5 years)

Ratio 1:10 (1 teacher for every 10 children)  

This class is offered to the preschool child that will be eligible to enter kindergarten the following year because they will turn 5 years old by September 1. Children in the class are beginning to master printing their names, recognizing letters, numbers, six basic shapes, skills for pre-reading and pre-math, as well as broadening their vocabulary. They will mature in areas of social, emotional, and spiritual character allowing them to work in teams and bond with friends. These children will test for kindergarten readiness in the spring and all children leaving the preschool will join Kindergarten in the fall.

In all classrooms, teachers will prepare for annual parent-teacher conferences and document each child’s developmental progress. These valuable reports can share milestones and progress in each stage of development.  

(5-6 years)

Ratio 1:12 (1 teacher for every 12 children)  

Kindergarten is an important time of transition for young children and is the foundation year upon which future academic success is built. Free Chapel Preschool & Kindergarten is committed to helping your child grow and learn in a Christlike and nurturing environment that promotes self-discovery, celebrates accomplishments, and shows our children the love of God in their everyday life.